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admission criteria

Admission Criteria

Program Age Bracket Grade
Montessori School Program 3 - 4 Years Playgroup - Nursery

* Child enrolling into playgroup must be eligible of self introduction, recognize the difference between numbers and alphabets and identification of colours and images.
* Applicants of nursery and prep will be assessed in three subjects - English - Urdu - Mathematics in both reading and writing.
* The test is of general nature, designed to evaluate the performance of child in core subjects.
* Admission will be offered to those who get 75% - 80% marks in evaluation test.

Program Age Bracket Grade
Primary School Program 5-10 Years One - Five

* Applicant of grade I - V appear in an admission test consist of three subjects English - Urdu - Mathematics.
* Students are also assessed on their reading skills and writing ability through comprehension evaluation.
* Eligibility criteria of passing the evaluation test is 75% - 80%. Based on their test results, qualified applicants will be offered confirmation of admission through call / text.

Program Age Bracket Grade
ACE High School Program 11-15 Years Six - Ten

* ACE High School Program is a screening program in which applicants of grade 6 - 10 are reviewed and assessed from evaluation tests consisting of four subjects - English - Urdu - Maths - Science.
* Standardized test scorers who get 75% - 80% results in evaluation tests will be given admission confirmation.

Completion Process

After the applicant offered with admission confirmation, parents collect the fee voucher from the account office and deposit the amount. Once the fee is paid school administration send a confirmation call / text.

Prospectus along with admission form are to be submitted within seven working days, after admission confirmation with the attached documents listed below.

* Copy of child’s birth certificate/B-Form.
* Four passport size photographs.
* Copy of father’s CNIC.
* Copy of mother’s CNIC.
* School leaving certificate with last school result card.

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