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admission policy

Admission Policy

Admission Philosophy:

The Ace School System (ACE) has a comprehensive system to support the student learning in every way, and ensure the well-being of all in the community. We offered admissions for all students and families of all religious, cultures except Ahmadiyah religion.
We welcome you to apply for The Ace School System (Academic Center of Excellence). The admission of our school is operating a rolling system. Application will be accepted only start of the year.


Step 1: Document Submission

Face to face or online submission are accepted.
Before the admission committee will review any application, the following documents must be prepared together with your application form.
The application checklist:
• Completed ACE application form and affidavit form of Rules and Regulation of School
• The most recent two years of school records
• A photocopy of the student’s previous school leaving certificate
• A photographs of the student’s must attached (passport size)
• A photocopy of the student’s birth certificate must attached
• A photocopy of parent’s CNIC must be attached

Step 2: Testing

For admission to ACE, an Entry Test is required.
Testing results will be shared with parents or students later to show their academic performance or eligibility for getting admission in our school

Step 3: Decision Criteria

Only when all documents are received will admission decisions be made. Decisions are based on a careful examination of each student’s ability to achieve success in an atmosphere of high expectations and within the context of an English language-learning (ELL) environment. In making this assessment, ACE will evaluate each candidate’s English language proficiency, demonstrated academic achievement and social/behavioral history. All applicants must be interviewed by ACE Management or designate before a final admission decision is made. Parents should note that class size/space availability, ELL guidelines, also affect admission recommendations.

Step 4: Admission Status

The ACE management will inform parents of one of the following admission decisions via a written letter.
Accepted - If a student has qualified and if space allows, the student will be placed in the appropriate grade level. A provisional acceptance may be granted when an interview with the applicant or ELL testing of the student remains outstanding.
Wait List - If an applicant meets ACE admission requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level that is full, that applicant will be placed on the wait list for his/her class. Parents of wait-listed applicants will receive notification from the ACE office of the likelihood of admission during that school year at regular intervals. Based on the factors considered for admission decisions, a student’s position on the wait list may change.
Not Eligible - The applicant does not meet ACE eligibility and requirements for admission at this time. The decision is based on one or more of the before-mentioned criteria.
Admission Probation: All admission decisions are probationary for one semester to ensure that the placement at ACE is appropriate for the student's success. After satisfactory progress for one semester the student will be fully admitted to ACE.

ACE School System reserves the right to remove a student at any time if, in the sole judgment of the School, that student’s conduct, progress, or influence on campus is not in keeping with the School’s accepted standards, as determined by the School’s sole discretion.


I ____________________ Father/Mother/Guardian of ____________________ read all admission policy carefully and I agreed with all terms and conditions

Name (Signature)

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ACE Montessori School Program
Age Brackets

3 - 4 Years


Playgroup - Nursery - Prep

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ACE Primary School Program
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5 - 10 Years


One - Five

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ACE Middle School Program
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11 - 15 Years


Six - Ten

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ACE High School Program
Age Brackets

11 - 15 Years


Six - Ten

Completion Process

After the applicant offered with admission confirmation, parents collect the fee voucher from the account office and deposit the amount. Once the fee is paid school administration send a confirmation call / text.

Prospectus along with admission form are to be submitted within seven working days, after admission confirmation with the attached documents listed below.

* Copy of child’s birth certificate/B-Form.
* Four passport size photographs.
* Copy of father’s CNIC.
* Copy of mother’s CNIC.
* School leaving certificate with last school result card.

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