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Physical activities and sport is a revolutionary learning in child’s upbringing which raise them in different fields not only in school but after school as well.


By offering such Physical activities and games in our school, we drive this action back in order to encourage a healthy body with a healthy mind, who’s accessible to learn. To promote this inclusion, we facilitate our students with a committed and devoted sport trainer.  

Through sports lesson, we aim to cover all possible areas which encompasses our curriculum e.g 

1- Exercise- Strengthen the mind
 By keeping active on regular basis, exercise helps our child on multiple fronts. It refines their goals and focus what they have been taught. It also builds muscular strength in them. Some of the favourite exercises of our students includes: 


  1. Running
  2. jumping
  3. squats
  4. swimming. 


“One Man participating sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.”

                                                -Knute Rockne


2-Games: Establish the Growth
Games like Badminton, Basketball, Boxing
remained indispensable for kids as they restore their abilities of growth and expansion. We encourage their participation for maintaining their physical fitness up to the mark. 


3-Sports: settle the confidence 
Two of our most played sports are:

  1. Karate
  2. Gymnastics

Students who’re well trained with Karate are more skilled than others. As they push their movements of body in a unique style. It’s not only a sport but a “Martial Art”, which effectively be used for personal defence too. 

Gymnastics and more oftenly, pyramid gymnastic are proved to be cheerleaders in our Annual Sports Carnival which shows their coordination and a level of support for each other.

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